Okay so I decided to go ahead and change my blog around. The permenantstain you know and love is still here though. But this blog is gonna be a little different. For starters I'm gonna be posting more of my drawings here and more selfies so get ready for that. Anyway get set for the ride. Cause permenantstain 2.0 is coming at you.


I sketched this drawing at katsucon on Sunday and just now decided to ink and color it!!!! Garnet wife U3U


if I had a twin I would go into crowds of strangers and profess my love to someone and then say “if our love isn’t meant to be, I will go back in time and slap myself” and then my twin would burst in and slap me


蟇郡せんぱいとマコちゃん by はるた

(permission to post granted by artist)